Dr. Meriem Bouslouk-Marx

Meriem Bouslouk-Marx (PhD in dentistry, MSc International Health) joined the Pharmaceuticals Department of Germany’s top health policy body, the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), in 2011 and has worked on the implementation of AMNOG, the Act on the Reform of the Market for Medicinal Products, from the start. Her main responsibilities included conducting consultations with industry on clinical study design and appropriate comparators, assessing reports by the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), and drafting G-BA resolutions under AMNOG which became binding amendments to the German Pharmaceutical Directive. During this time, she conceptualised and co-ordinated the health policy procedure for orphan drugs at the G-BA.

Special time-limited permission to be on leave from the Pharmaceuticals Department was granted in 2016 to set up the G-BA’s new Innovation Committee after the introduction of Germany’s Innovation Fund.

Currently, Meriem is an advisor for planning and undergoing the benefit assessment procedure in Germany. Her clients are mainly small and mid-sized enterprises in the field of rare diseases. She regularly conducts lectures and workshops at national and international level.

At the beginning of her career, she focused on international healthcare cooperation and practised in dental clinics. 

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Mit der EMA auf der Überholspur

Mit der EMA auf der Überholspur

Article published in the Tagesspiegel special edition Background Gesundheit & E-Health on 26 February 2021

Im Standpunkt ordnet Arzneimittel-Expertin Meriem Bouslouk-Marx die politischen Entscheidungen und Verfahren in Deutschland und der EU zur Zulassung und Verteilung von Impfstoffen auch vor dem Hintergrund öffentlich geäußerter Kritik ein.

With EMA on the fast track
Pharmaceutical expert Meriem Bouslouk-Marx takes a stance on the political decisions and procedures for approval and distribution of vaccines in Germany and in the EU, also in the light of public criticism.

Efficacy Controversy Hits European COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Article published in Pharmaceutical Executive

Donald Macarthur and Dr. Meriem Bouslouk-Marx discuss post-approval findings of national committees in Europe charged with deciding the best strategy to use a new COVID-19 vaccine in their populations.

By end-January 2021, three COVID-19 vaccines had received conditional marketing authorizations (valid one year) by the European Commission…

G-BA benefit assessment of new orphan drugs in Germany: the first five years

Article published in Expert Opinion on Orphan Drugs

The January 2011 introduction of benefit assessment through the Act on the Reform of the Market for Medicinal Products in Germany, better known as AMNOG (Arzneimittelmarktneuordnungsgesetz), created a new way to assess the value of patented medicines at the time of launch for use as a basis to determine their ongoing reimbursement. This Act was basically intended to counteract increasing drug prices…

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